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7/10/2009OMG I can't believe it's been so long! I finally got my Samurai Champloo sketches unhidden. They're named strangely because that's how we kept track when we split up the group. I have some Bleach, HxH, 12 Kingdoms and Saiyuki to put up soon!
10/27/2005Eleven new Kurapicas, three new Not Kurapicas, and a new section - Slayers - with four new cels! Enjoy! ^_^
6/26/2005Well, in honor of the two other packages of cels coming in I scanned what I hadn't yet in the hopes the smaller pile will motivate me to scan in the newer new stuff XD There are five new Kurapicas, two new cels in Inuyasha, and one new miscellaneous!
3/30/2005*sob* Deleted items sold on e-bay.

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Title Last Updated
1001 Nights 2/8/2004
Champloo: Fuu 10/20/2005
Champloo: Jin 10/20/2005
Champloo: Misc 10/21/2005
Champloo: Mugen 10/20/2005
Champloo: Potpourri 10/20/2005
Devilman 2/8/2004
Dragonball Z 2/26/2005
Elf No Waka Okusama (Elven Bride) 2/8/2004
Gensomaiden Saiyuki 7/10/2009
Hunter x Hunter : Kurapica 10/27/2005
Hunter x Hunter : Not Kurapica 10/27/2005
Inuyasha 6/26/2005
Miscellaneous 6/26/2005
Mon Colle Knights 10/4/2003
Nightwalker 5/31/2004
Ranma 1/2 2/26/2005
Slayers 10/27/2005
Tokyo Babylon 2/26/2005
Trigun 2/26/2005

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